Kosmik Kutie CBD Bath Soak

$22.22 - $55.55
Kosmik Kutie CBD Bath Soak

Kosmik Kutie CBD Bath Soak from Higher Vibration Remedies Co. was hand-crafted by Rhonda Jane with targeted healing and extra strength relief in mind.

After suffering from severe back pain as a result of a rear-end car crash earlier this year, Rhonda Jane developed this special formula using the healing plant cannabis and other accompanying herbs to perfect a holistic healing recipe.

This bath soak is made with the following organic ingredients:

• Epsom Salt
• Magnesium Crystals
• Himalayan Pink Salt
• Rose Buds
• Chamomile Buds
• Aloe Vera Essential Oil
• Lavender Essential Oil
• Rose Essential Oil
• Chamomile Essential Oil
• CBD Isolate


Please note we are not medical professionals. These statements are first hand accounts from Rhonda Jane and clients. Please consult your medical professional for any expert medical advice regarding your health.